HAPPY Valentines Day!

Valentine's Day is the best time of year for the woman to impress even more the man chosen or even draw the attention of the singles, if you still have not found their soul mate. Regardless of the situation, the important thing is to experience this moment with great style. Thinking about it,

Created the hairstyle of arc of braids with loose wires, very simple and practical.

Side BUN for dining in a porche restaurant If you prepared everything in advance and booked in that special restaurant, the look deserves more attention, right? Nothing more elegant and simple than doing a low side BUN. If you have fringe, let it play in the same direction as the hairstyle. If you do not have it, just leave some loose hair stripes.

Along with style, bet on an elaborate makeUP. Eyes well smudged in shades of brown and a super delineated never disappoint us. The lipstick can be a intensive MATT to bovius the color to squander elegance. One classic!

Cine on Valentine's Day Are you going to enjoy Valentine's Day to see that movie that has been on the line for weeks, but can not get the time? Letting hair loose, but brightening with a braid tiara is very romantic and you can do it alone as it's not a seven-headed bug. MakeUP can be more fun by betting on colors. Just out of the water line of the eyes with a metallic blue pencil and finish with the beige inside to open the look. Pass a soft blush, without scoring much, and a nude lipstick. And of course: lots of eyelash mascara!

Are you going to travel on Valentine's Day? Just do a practical hairstyle If you chose to celebrate the romantic date on a dream trip, you have to be practical when it comes to packing, as you will not be able to carry all your products. But do not worry! The option can be loose hair with a tiara to increase the hairstyle. The curls can use the accessory in their bulky curls or use staples for a lateral some loosed.Or Classy VINTAGE

MakeUP-The classic combo black eyeliner + red lipstick never goes out of style. The make is very sensual and can be adapted for either day - with a creamy lipstick or gloss - as well as for the night, with a powerful matte

Romantic dinner at home?CHIC Ponytail If the couple's Valentine's Day will be celebrated in the comfort of home, you'll probably have to prepare everything to leave the cozy place and make a romantic dinner. It also means that you will have less time to pack up. But from afar this will be a problem! In that case, bet on a different ponytail. No matter how simple it seems, just increase the hairstyle. How about making a braid built into the top of her head? Then just hold it high.

Simple and beautiful! In makeup, prepare the skin with a BB cream, as this product has several functions and will save you time. Then, just invest in a coral lipstick and quite mascara.



What bride doesn't want to look the best they can ultimately be on their wedding day? You want to be able to look back on your photos in ten year's time and remember that day as one where you felt like a princess, with all eyes on you! 


That's why I've also created three packages that will prepare your skin, and in the case of the Platinum package, your fitness, ready for your big day.

Truly dedicated to helping you reach your goal in time for your big day,


I am excited at the prospect of working with you

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