Feeding Three In Three Hours Understand Why

Feeding yourself every three hours in a healthy way is important to ensure the constant supply of energy to our body so that it keeps its vital functions in working order. And through this balanced, balanced and fractional diet it is possible to achieve more health with a better quality of life.

Glucose is the body's primary source of energy an essential fuel for maintaining vital functions in the body. And soon after the meal the body begins the process of digestion which consists of breaking food and absorbing nutrients. In this phase already in the first

hours an increase of the glucose level occurs.

After this period the glycemic index begins to fall and if we do not feed again over time the body will begin to show signs of hypoglycemia, which is the fall of glucose in the blood, resulting therefrom weakness, drowsiness, loss of concentration, dizziness and even tremors.

Therefore feeding from three hours to three hours avoids this reduction in glycemic level while maintaining active metabolism as well as balanced blood glucose level.

When the body spends long periods without receiving glucose to work it begins to seek alternative energy sources.

It consumes protein and muscle mass to guarantee and maintain vital functions while preserving fat as an energy stock.

The ideal is to make six meals a day, the main three being breakfast, lunch and dinner interspersed with three light snacks between these periods.

Feeding Three In Three Hours Brings Benefits

Feeding every three hours brings health benefits as long as there is a well-prepared menu and discipline with respect to schedules.

This way the body gets used to receiving the right foods and at the right times. The metabolism works more intensely and improving even the functioning of the intestine.

Choosing the right choices is important to promote significant improvements in the nutritional quality of food.

Consuming reduced portions and more times a day avoids stomach discomfort, bad breath, discouragement, typical problems of long periods of fasting, and improve mood, mood and mood.

Fractional feeding also prevents drowsiness, as excess food generates a greater energy expenditure to make digestion.

Another important benefit of this division of food in main meals and snacks is the promotion of satiety because in addition to better control the appetite still prevents overeating at mealtimes

.Feeding every three hours speeds up metabolism and helps in weight loss.

This is because with each new meal we are forcing the body to restart the digestion process and consequently it generates an energy expenditure in the process.

But it is important to keep in mind that even with shorter spaces between meals you need to have control over what you eat. Even when consuming healthy foods they also have calories, so be careful not to miss the compositions or portion sizes.

There will only be weight loss if the daily calorie expenditure is greater than the sum of the calories eaten, ie if you eat more than you eat, even eating every three hours, you will gain weight.

It is also worth remembering that the metabolism at night is slower, and therefore, the food after 20 hours should be in moderate quantity and with the lowest calorie content possible.

Trying to sleep hungry or committing excesses may not do very well for the quality of sleep besides interfering in metabolism making it difficult to burn calories.

It is possible to maintain good health and well-being through a balanced, balanced and balanced diet.

So try to feed every three hours regularly, and drink plenty of water at least two liters a day so your body is always well nourished and balanced.

STEP 1 BREAKFAST Start the day with a hearty breakfast. This meal should never be skipped and it is when you can eat better because you will have the whole day ahead to burn the calories you have gained. However, choose only the best options, such as brown bread, lean cheese and turkey breast for a nutritious and healthy sandwich.

Make it a habit to always have a fruit, natural yogurt, or a handful of nuts in your hands to avoid being out of food for long, and at lunch or dinner being hungry, which will make you eat more than you need . However, it is necessary to avoid the exaggeration in the snack, if it is nuts, only a portion. If it is not enough, combine with a fruit or a yogurt. It is important in the early days of the diet not to greatly reduce the amount of food you eat because the changes must be gradual so your body does not complain and you do not feel anxious. Do not go hungry, but be able to distinguish it from the urge to eat.

Enjoy this short article then share it! Leave your comment @ Facebook-ukriofitness

Feeding Three In Three Hours Understand Why

Enjoy this short article then share it! Leave your comment @ Facebook-ukriofitness





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