Benefits of bay leaves :The bay is capable of bringing several benefits to the body, since it has large amounts of nutrients. The BAYLEAF IS RICH IN:

•Vitamin A

• Vitamin C

• Folic acid

• Pantothenic acid

• Niacin

• Riboflavin

• Minerals (selenium, zinc, potassium, selenium)

With an extremely pleasant aroma and an unmistakably striking flavor, bay has been used by mankind for millennia. The Greeks and the ancient Romans already knew all the benefits of this plant for health, believing also bring protection and wisdom. We will see here about laurel: benefits, medicinal uses and how to make tea.

Medicinal uses of the bay leavesThanks to the benefits and properties of the bay, many are its medicinal uses. It is commonly used as a diuretic, an appetite stimulant and also astringent. It can also relieve cramps, stomach pains and eliminate flatulence. In addition, the essential oil present in bay leaves is extremely effective for treating muscle pain, bronchitis, arthritis and other related ailments.

Bay leaves are also effective as a natural insect repellent because they contain high amounts of lauric acid.

Vitamin A

present in the bay leaves is key to vision, hair and skin. Therefore its consumption will treat degenerative eye problems and also premature aging.

Because it is a powerful antioxidant, BAYLEAF is an effective agent in preventing and fighting certain types of cancer.

The folic acid of the bay is responsible for helping the correct formation of DNA, so its consumption regulated by a doctor can be incredibly beneficial for the development of the fetus.

It also helps to improve the production of blood cells by having essential minerals such as manganese, iron, calcium, copper, magnesium and zinc.

IS Possible to use for Various medicinal uses as summarized below:

• Relieves cramps and gastrointestinal upset

• Relieves muscle and colic pain

• Acts as a diuretic

• Prevents colds and flu

• Prevents and eliminates flatulence

• Treats stomach ulcer problems

• Stimulates appetite

• Prevents cancer

• Improves blood cell production

• Helps in proper DNA development

• Improves eye, hair and skin health

• Can also be used as a natural repellent

This aromatic herb is much more than a simple seasoning, and brings several health benefits, in addition to a good taste our recipes. We know the use of this herb as: seasoning, infusions, essential oil, but have you ever tried to smoke with this plant?

Burning this ingredient at home can bring significant benefits to your health.

Burning bay leaves to lessen anxiety The linalool present in this herb, is a substance that manages to reduce anxiety. The American Association of Anesthetic Nurses recommends burning leaves for about 10 minutes as this will improve your mood.

Burning bay leaves for headaches The cineol, elemicin and pinene will relieve headaches and migraine, in addition, the bay leaves are useful for cases of fatigue.

Burn bay leaves to clean the respiratory tract The bay leaf is excellent for the lungs due to the presence of mircene and eugenol. It is a natural and fantastic medicine, which helps in cleaning the airways, through the smoke of the burning of the BAY leaves.

The bay is excellent for the lungs due to the presence of mircene and eugenol. It is a natural and fantastic medicine, which helps in cleaning the airways, through the smoke of the burning of the laurel leaves.

DISCOVER 8 benefits in BURNING AND INHALE bay leaves

1.It improves sugar levels in people with diabetes;

2. Prevents heart disorders;

3. Attenuates pain;

4. It is important for the fetus, during the first 3 months of gestation;

5. Strengthens the immune system;

6. Improves bowel disorders;

7. Attenuates the picture of kidney stones;

8. Eliminates dandruff.

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