The 9 Worse Things You Can Do With Your Hair. Dermatologist says

1. The use of dirty, hairy brushes

Washing the brush every week or at least every two weeks is essential. This practice helps remove all debris, since every time someone brushes their hair, they take materials that stick to their brush and can cause irritation of the scalp.

2. Tie your hair very strong and for a long time

It is more practical to leave hair tied up with elastic band . But, the friction of the catch during the day can damage the wires. In addition, when the traction is too strong, stretching too much, can lead to loss of wires in the frontal region. Avoid mainly nylon fasteners.

3. Eat too little protein

Food is also important part. Hair and nails are made of keratin, a component produced by proteins. With a diet low in protein it becomes more difficult to have strong hair and nails.

4. Using cotton pillowcases.

The cotton is a fabric that generates a very great friction with the scalp, which, over the years, is generating damages, being able to lead to double ends. Prefer silk or linen pillowcases, which are smoother fabrics.

5. Take a hot bath Dont we know?

Very hot water on the scalp opens the cuticle, leaves the hair brittle, less shiny and further stimulates the production of sebum, worsening problems such as dandruff, hair inflammation, psoriasis and even baldness.

6. Do not exchange products

If you make any changes in the hair - chemical, straightening, dyeing - you need to change the shampoo and conditioner, choosing one that is suitable. With each change a new product that should be used when washing.

7. Very strong scrubbing

With wet hair, the hydrogen bonds break down, and all the wires tend to get lighter. But it is also more vulnerable to damage to the hair shaft. So be careful when rubbing during the bath or while it is not dry.

8. Excessive treatment

Performing excess hair treatments can also leave your hair dull and brittle. In hydration, for example, the amino acids temporarily adhere around the yarn, but if an accumulation of amino acids occurs in the hair shaft, they break.

9. Enter the pool with dry hair

When entering a pool, the wire absorbs water full of chlorine and impurities. The tip is to always wet before or use specific products, preventing chlorine from entering so hard in the hair.

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