9 Tips on How to Care for Hair in Winter

Low temperatures are quite harmful and great champions in the dehydration of the skin over all and also of the scalp. In this extreme climate, hair can also fall more easily, as well as dull and lifeless. Luckily, to prevent this from happening, there are some simple attitudes that can minimize or even completely reverse the frame. Want to figure out how to do this? So, do not forget to read in today's article the best tips on how to take care of hair in winter! Check out

Do not stop washing your hair

One mistake many people make, especially on colder days, is to stop washing the hair constantly. This is a mistake as dirty habit and tend to fall more easily as well as become less shiny and healthier.

The ideal is to periodize according to your type of hair:

if they are oily, it is recommended to wash every day.

If they are dry, it is interesting to do the hygiene about three times a week.

Avoid very hot showers & baths

Avoiding too hot baths is an interesting attitude for anyone who wants to discover how to care for their hair in winter, after all, on colder days, the temptation to leave the water at a high temperature is enormous. The problem is that this increases the oiliness of the scalp in an excessive way. The hot water also opens the cuticles, breaking the threads, taking out the luster and leading to the silkiness. If you can not leave the shower at a cooler temperature, at least try to finish the cleaning with cold water as this will close the cuticles.

  • One tip: Wrap yourself in the towel and rinse your head with the shower head. That way, you will not feel so cold.

  • Another excellent option is to wash hair in the beauty salon, the professional can offer oil control services that can be kept at home, according to the professional.

Use conditioner

The conditioner is a great friend of the locks on the cold days, as they seal the cuticles and give more shine and softness. Every time you wash your hair, try to use a product that is suitable for your type of yarn and the time recommended by the manufacturer and / or the professional you trust, so that the substances will be absorbed more efficiently and can have the desired effect.

Dry the Hair well

Drying the yarn well is another important tip of how to care for your hair in winter. On those days, avoid the temptation to come out with wet or damp locks because when it occurs at too low temperatures, evaporation is less and the scalp will be soaked for longer.

This type of situation weakens the threads, leaves them brittle and still favors the appearance of problems such as dandruff, seborrhea and even mycoses. Do not forget the finishers with thermal protection when the dryer is used, always opt for the products that contain silicone, so you combine protection and silks in a single product.


On hot summer days, one of the biggest enemies of capillary health is the excessive use of caps: they warm the region, increase the production of sweat and prevent its evaporation. However, if you think that on cold winter days,

This problem does not occur, you are mistaken. At this station, the use of hats and caps triggers and they end up causing problems similar to those of the cap: they retain moisture, warm the place and prevent proper breathing of the scalp. If you do not let go of these parts, at least be careful that they are soft and comfortable.

This prevents them from causing these problems and also ensures that they do not make too much pressure or over-tighten the head, which could even break the wires under pressure.

Invest in intense hydration

Hair treatments is essential on cold days: invest in doing it weekly or at least every fifteen days. This type of treatment helps maintain the shine and health of the by making them more silky. With a quality product, you make a hydration even in your own home, but nothing better than a good professional to indicate the correct treatment for your hair type, and especially the maintenance you will do at home.

The camelina and macadamia oils will feel this winter as they treat hair without regret or leave residue. If you have dry or normal hair, apply the cream closest to the root. Already if you suffer with excessive oiliness, the ideal is to leave a few inches away from the scalp. Finally, abuse one of the greatest tricks of the professionals: the massage.

Make smooth, circular movements throughout the head area to ensure that the active substances are able to penetrate the cuticles better and have the desired effect.

Eat well

Food is also part of good hair health in any season, but most notably in winter. Some vitamins, for example, are great friends of beautiful locks, especially A.

Iron and zinc are essential minerals, which contribute to a perfect shine and stronger yarn.

Finally, it is essential to remember to drink lots of water, because on cold days many people forget this and it is worth remembering: hydration begins from the inside out.

Warm colors need special care

The various colors in warm tones enchant and warm the winter, whenever we speak in coppery browns, intense reds, as well as golden tones require greater care when the subject is vibrant color.

Antioxidant products are the "frozen season" darlings, they form a protective film that made the colors even brighter and brighter, and act as a protection for the locks.

Do not forget the sunscreen despite winter

It's not because the days are colder in winter that the sun's rays can not do a tremendous impact on your hair, so do not leave the protector aside. If you are going out in the sun, not only your skin, but also your hair need protection.

Invest in quality products that come with sunscreen in its composition. Remember to pass the amount recommended by the manufacturer, so that the excess does not end up leaving the scalp stuffy or oily. These are the best hair care tips in winter. Do not let your strands lose their beauty: take the right attitude and be more beautiful on cold days! And, if you still have any questions or if you want to leave a suggestion, make a comment here in the post.




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