20 Makeup Tips for Eyes.

1 - The shadow does not have to match the clothes, but a harmony needs to exist. For example, if the look is super-colored or floral, the shadow should be neutral to balance the look.

2- To not load too much in the color of the shadow, apply it gradually, fading until reaching the desired tone

3 - An easy and beautiful way to use shadows is to choose two shades (one light and one dark) and apply the lightest in the inner corner and the darker in the outer one, creating a fusion, with no contrasts between them.

4 - For the work environment, prefer shades in more neutral tones, such as brown, pearl and burnt rose. Let the bright colors and sparkles for the parties and ballads.

5- A good tip to make the shade last longer is to first pass a layer of creamy shade (on stick, for example) and apply on top of the compact


6- It is also worth dipping the brush lightly in the water before applying the product. Besides fixing the shade better, the trick makes its color more intense.

7 - Those with prominent eyes should avoid colored and shimmering shadows. Neutral and almost dull colors are best suited.

8 - Another option is to apply light shade below the eyebrows and a dark shadow over the eyelids.

9 - Try replacing the shadow with gloss. Make is supermodern.

10 - Before using the curvex, warm the part of the rubber with the dryer. So it will shape the eyelashes even more

11 - To delineate the eyes without blurring, make the stroke before with black or brown pencil, and then pass the eyeliner.

12 - Did you scratch the eye and erase the creamy shadow? Use the product's own accumulation that lies on the folds of the eyelid to touch up the make.

13- Blonds should avoid blue-sky shadows, as the tone ages the look

14 - Redheads look good with shades of green, navy blue and brown, but they should avoid pinks

15 - To approximate the eyes, the ideal is to apply a shade of darker shade in the inner corners and near the root of the lashes, brightening towards the outer corner.

16 - Those who have eyes that are close together should use a lighter shade or even a little luster in the inner corner, and darken as they approach the outside.

17 - If you have droopy eyes, use a dark shadow from the inner corner to the outer one, rising toward the end of the eyebrow. Avoid outlining the eye contour.

18 - To make a perfect smoky eye, first pass dark bronze shadow across the eyelid and smear. Next, apply black eye shadow close to the eyelashes, previously marked with pencil or eyeliner, and smear again.

19 - Showing long, bulky lashes requires patience. Apply one layer of mask, wait to dry, apply another and continue ... Do this until you reach the expected result.

20 - Are you in doubt as to the color of the shadow? Use the shades of brown. There is no mistake!

an EXCELLENT Eye Pencil and an EXCELLENT eyeliner. In fact, if we choose the right product, only one of them will fulfill both functions.

There are eye pencils whose quality also makes it an eyeliner.

Ex: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil, Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes, NARS Larger Than Life Long-Wear , Too Faced Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner, Stila Kajal Eye Liner, Contains 1g Superblack.

Just as there are eyeliners whose formulation has been developed in order to enable the filling of the water line without causing irritations. ATTENTION: Make sure the eyeliner in question has been formulated for this purpose as many tend to irritate the eyes when applied to the water line. In general, only gel delineators can be applied to this function, but few are those whose durability effectively "grips" the tracing in the waterline

I will suggest as an example only those that I have in fact tested and certified that they can act in this way.

Ex: Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner (It lasts forever in the water and does not irritate the eyes), Mac Fluidline (lasts a lot, but tends to irritate extra sensitive eyes). Both are my favorites, amazing and durable strokes both inside and outside the eye. Of course, the stroke varies according to the type and quality of the brush used.



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