How to understand the content of fat mass in your body

The conformism is the jailer and enemy of freedom

From now on let's put a goal in the head:

Be one of the few people who has a low fat percentage and we can see from far away the whole body "cracked", count the squares of the belly or see muscle to the leg muscle.

The definition is a step for those who are already at an advanced level in the gym, strictly follow a diet and a supplement appropriate to your body. But that does not stop you from reaching the gym now to have the setting as your target. And you who are already very familiar with the academy and professional in the trainings, do not think that it has reached its limit, there is still more.

We born with muscles Muscle you already have,

now show them A well-defined body seems to be larger in size than it really is. A person who has a high fat percentage needs more muscles to look strong, as these muscles need to protrude from this layer of fat to be visible to those who are "out here." Those who have a low fat percentage do not have this problem because with the low fat percentage, the muscles appear more easily.

Start right now If you want to do the same guy up there, you need to adopt some methods to speed up your metabolism and throw out that fat. Let's go through a series of tips here for you to follow, be part of your routine and you will not have to work out much more for it.

Drink water always

In addition to the benefits of moisturizing and minerals beneficial to the body, water will help you lose fat. Consume 6 glasses of water and your body will burn 50 calories for metabolism.

"So drinking water speeds up my metabolism?", That's it.

Never stop eating

"I come home, I do not eat dinner and I go to bed." Some are smart enough to do this, but this is a fatal mistake, a failed attempt to lose fat. When you skip a meal, your body adapts to long periods without feeding itself. It works like this:

To adapt it will slow down the metabolism to reserve the calories in the form of FAT. I do not think that's what you want, right? When you break it, it will act as if you do not need to store those fats and start burning everything without worry.

Then get a spreadsheet or even paper to leave your sight and mount at least SIX low calorie meals to be consumed within your day.

Cardiovascular exercises

This everybody already imagined right? But the novelty is that you can optimize them now. 30 minutes of your treadmill can equal 50. Here's how: - Vary the exercise frequency.

Go alternating intensity, always vary. Run, then walk, then run again. Never stay too long at a pace. -

Do the cardiovascular exercise later. First your body uses the carbohydrate and then the fat as its source of energy.

Do your bodybuilding for your body to expend the carbohydrate as a source for your workout. When you go for the ergometers, your body will only have the fat to burn as an energy source.

An extra in the food Good thermogenic and fat absorbers can help you greatly reduce fat. They are: Caffeine, Safflower Oil, Edible Fibers, Oats, Chitosan, Eggplant Flour, Green Tea, etc.

Meal 1 - whey protein, oatmeal, glutamine

Meal 2 - egg yolk

Meal 3 - Chicken Fillet + Sweet Potato, Vegetable / Salad

Meal 4 - Red Meat + Oatmeal, Vegetable / Salad

Meal 5 - whey protein, glutamine

Meal 6 - Chicken Fillet, Vegetable / Salad

Meal 7 - Grilled Salmon, Salad / Vegetable

Have a notebook on your sight and mount at least SIX low calorie meals to be consumed within your day.



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