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THE RIGHT EXERCISE FOR EVERY AGE our body does not have the same needs at the age of 20 and 50, for example, and does not respond to physical exercises in the same way.

It is important to adapt your sports practices to age: every decade has your most appropriate training.

20 years:

At this age the body is in its maximum levels of resistance and elasticity. As muscles have memory, this is a good time to start with high-intensity exercises that shape the silhouette. At 20, a suitable program includes weights, cardio or aerobics and a time for stretching.

Recommended workouts: High intensity workout, aerobics, running, spinning and zumba. It is a time of much socialization.

Therefore, group sports such as volleyball, basketball and soccer are indicated. At that age the body is more prepared to deal with impacts, such as that caused by a jump. But even so the body is not free of injury. The onset should be slow and the frequency is important: it must be four minimum times a week, or interspersed with another type of activity such as swimming,cycling and running.

At 30 years By age 35,

muscle strength begins to decline. It is important to add bodybuilding to ensure the gain and maintenance of muscle mass. The training can be divided twice a week: aerobic sports (swimming or running); And twice of weights or resistance. Or split the daily workout into 30 minutes of aerobic and 30 minutes of resistance. The frequency is Four times a week.

It is the best physical moment, ideal for working specific areas such as glutes, arms and legs.

The body requires more moderate and prolonged intensities. In general, it is important to burn the fat and strengthen the resistance of the heart.

Recommended exercises: cardio, aerobics, moderate running, CrossFit, Body Combat or TRX.

At the age of 40

Women at menopause are at risk for osteoporosis, and exercises help to fix calcium in the bones are indicated: strong walks, races or dancing. The important thing is to ensure at least two hours of aerobic practice per week to, among other things, avoid the common weight gain of age.

Yoga helps in flexibility.

Delaying aging and maintaining toning and stamina are the goals. With loss of muscle mass it is important to also avoid the loss of strength by performing cardiovascular exercise and less impact sport.

Recommended exercises:

Middle impact exercises, swimming, cycling, yoga and pilates.


myself over 50s

Over 50 years

Muscle strength decreases, which leaves the body more vulnerable to injury. Less-impact exercises such as walking, water aerobics and yoga are recommended.

Bodybuilding for the elderly should be done with the assistance of a professional to avoid overloading the activities performed on the equipment. This practice improves performance on daily tasks and increases energy and alertness.

Caution should be exercised to avoid injury and on a constant basis. training brings many benefits both muscular and hormonal.

Sports of joint mobility and exercises for good posture habits triumph.

60 years:

Body changes make you more prone to pain, muscle stiffness and more tiredness than before. Regardless of your physical condition, you should opt for exercises that improve the aerobic part, flexibility, strengthening of muscles and balance of the body.

Recommended exercises: Swimming, water aerobics, cycling and regular walks.

70 years:

Like the recommendations for the 60 years, the exercises should be lighter, as well as the movements of the water gymnastics.

It is important exercises to increase bone density and muscle mass that act to prevent falls.

The importance of stretching at all ages. "Our body has a very large number of muscles, bones and joints that are used throughout our lives.

Lack of activity causes the muscles to decrease in size and their effectiveness in contracting satisfactorily.

Leaving muscle to its normal size means having more efficient movements and less subject to injuries such as tendinitis, ruptures and contractures.

These qualities will be achieved if there is a habitual practice of stretching exercises.

This practice should be done at all times of the day. When you wake up, at work, at leisure and at home. Stretching before exercising primarily serves as a warm-up of muscles to improve the efficiency of your exercise.

When finishing the usual program of physical exercises one should only move slightly

for the purpose of muscle relaxation more quickly. "



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