10 mistakes that the bride makes with the hairstyle

The bride is always the center of attention, and on the wedding day should be at its best. Friends and family are about to admire the natural beauty to which they are usually accustomed, but in an even more special way. And to avoid that everything is not perfect, you should consult at least two months before the wedding your hairdresser and do a test of the hairstyle and color.

To make your hairstyle contribute to an unforgettable look and a very special day, avoid these mistakes:

1-Cut your hair days before the wedding If you want to make a cut, do it a month or two before the wedding day. Before the wedding day avoid any contact with the hairdresser's scissors. In this way, you will make sure that the hairstyle you have made is to your liking, and will allow you time to correct it minimally with this waiting time

2-Skip the veil or accessories for bridal hair

If you're getting married, the worst you can do is to forget about your biggest accessory for the bridal hairstyle - the veil. The length and style of the veil greatly influence the style and look of the bride, namely the hairstyle.

The veil can determine whether to wear a hairstyle or not. If you still have no veil at the time of the hairstylist's test, ask for a sample of one at the store where you purchased yours or even a picture of it to take with you.

3-Not choosing a good hairdresser You should keep in mind that you will remember your wedding day forever, so choose a good hairdresser to give you the bridal hairstyle, someone you trust. If your hairdresser does not usually do bridal hairstyles, it is best to ask friends who have already married and enjoyed their hairstyle over your hairdresser. You can also ask your hairdresser if you recommend another person to do so.

4-Just try on a hairstyle

Just like experiencing different wedding dresses or visiting various wedding venues, so do the hairstyle, even if you know the first one is perfect. Try at least three different hairstyles to be sure which one suits you best.

5-Experiment with hair color

Talk to your hairstylist in good time about how you imagine wearing your hair on the day of the wedding, and explain to the person who does the coloring if they want to wear their hair caught or loose. It should not make a dramatic change in hair color because on the day of marriage you want to certainly be at your best and not another completely different person.

6-Go to the hairdresser without ideas

Nothing better than an image to illustrate what is intended. Gather pictures of the internet and magazines about the hairstyles you like. This will be valuable for your hairdresser to help you realize what you want and to create your dream wedding hairstyle.

7-Not consider the wedding dress

The hairstyle should be a complement to the wedding dress. First, you should choose the wedding dress, and then complement it with a hairstyle that conforms to the dress.

8-Forget the touch ups

If it is within your budget, consider having the hairdresser present after the ceremony to give you a hairstyle retouch, or even to do a completely different hairstyle. If it is not within your budget, ask your hairdresser for tips on how to keep your hairstyle perfect during reception.

9-Forget the groom

Even though the bride is the star of the wedding, the bride and groom are the sparkle, and the groom must have its sparkle too. The fact of the groom and the whole look should be at the level of the bride: well-combed hair, make-up if necessary, trimmed eyebrows and beard, all at its best.

10-Thinking that long hair is the only way to get a hairstyle

If you have short hair there are ways to achieve a beautiful and interesting wedding hairstyle, everything will depend on the accessories you use. However, if you want long hair nothing like talking to your hairdresser about the idea of ​​putting temporary extensions and working the hairstyle with them.

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