Good manners: Appropriate attitudes for social coexistence

Good manner comes from cradle This maxim has never been so true. Good manners need to be passed on to children early on. It is the role of parents to teach children and give due importance to how we should deal with other people. A child who grows up seeing kindly and respectful attitudes will grow and value these gestures as well in his adult life.

Good manners, also called good manners, are sub-items of the label and define the appropriate attitudes or gestures for harmonious and respectful social coexistence. Interaction with other people is part of our everyday life, and the way we deal with it directly influences how others see and treat you, so good manners are so important

Do you have good manners? This is a question you need to ask yourself. Begin to notice your behavior with other people. Do you think you are cordial and respectful? Identify points that you think need improvement and write down so you can track your progress and be constantly improving.

Examples of basics good manners: In our daily lives, there are several occasions when we can practice good manners. These are simple attitudes that really make the difference in everyday life:

  • Please say: When you ask or need something, your request should be kind and always come with a "please". In this way, you establish a respectful relationship. You demonstrate that the person's time is valuable.

  • Say thank you: Always when you receive something, thank you saying "thank you". Thanking the cashier's grocery store is a good example and many people forget to do or simply do not give value.

  • Apologize: If you disturb someone, even if it is unintentional, or if you run into someone, apologize immediately. This will maintain a healthy and conflict-free environment.

  • Hold the door: If someone goes to use the same door as you, you can hold the door so that the person can pass first. Remembering that it is not only men who can make this gesture. It's a matter of respect, not of gender.

  • Ask for permission: If you want to interrupt someone for an important subject, the most polite way to do it is to ask "on leave" and, if permission is given, only then talk about the subject

  • . Greet people: When you arrive in a place, greet people. In this way you demonstrate that the presence of the person is important to you.

  • Speak in a polite way: Try to keep a tone of voice appropriate for the environment you are in, do not talk loud or too low and do not interrupt people while they are speaking,

  • listen to what the person has to say and wait for your turn to speak. Identify yourself on the phone: If you call someone, it is your duty to identify yourself first.

  • Do not call someone and ask who is speaking, first identify yourself and then ask to speak to the person you want.

Influence of GOOD manners

Good manners are directly impact how other people see or treat you. If you are educated, people will see you as someone mature and responsible, they will respect your opinions and listen to you more. Otherwise, people will see you as selfish, self-centered, and think twice before accepting your opinion.

In your social life, if you are more educated, you will attract more kind and educated people to your circle of friends. In other words:

Gentleness attracts kindness. By doing good to others, others will also do good to you. By practicing good manners, over time, even the most rude person will treat you better. This is due to the respect you gain in treating others with respect and dignity.



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