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"Start living immediately, and count each day as if it were a life." Seneca Those who seek a more Zen life, focused on the things and the people that really matter, inevitably seek a calmer, simpler life. And the truth is that we do not need much - particularly material goods - to live well and to be truly happy ... we need only the right mindset.

1-It needs very little to be very happy. Simple and good food, a roof over our heads, a few changes of clothes, a good book, a precious notebook, important work, and people we love and love.

2-Want little and you will not be poor. He may have plenty of money and many material possessions, but if he is always anxious for more, he will be poorer than that person who has little and wants nothing.

3-Focus on the present. Stop worrying about the future and living in the past. How much time do you spend each day thinking about other things without being where you are and what you are doing right now? How often are you not caught up in your own thoughts instead of savoring and living in the present, enjoying every moment of your life? Live the here and now and you will have a fulfilled life.

4-Practice compassion. Compassion for others creates loving relationships, valuable relationships, and rewards. Compassion by itself means that you forgive yourself for mistakes made in the past, that you take good care of yourself (you eat healthy and practice physical exercise) and that you love what you are.

5-Feel grateful for the little pleasures of life. A handful of raspberries, a few squares of delicious chocolate, a nice cup of tea - simple pleasures that are way better than decadent desserts, sugary sodas and fried foods if we learn to enjoy them to the fullest. A good book I brought from the library, a walk with a loved one, the satisfaction of a vigorous physical exercise, the antics of the children, the smile of a stranger, walking barefoot on the grass, a moment of silence as Contemplates the dawn and the world still rests. These small pleasures are synonymous with living well, without needing much.

6-Let yourself be motivated by joy and not by fear. Often, people are driven by the fear of being left behind or forgotten, by fear of change, by fear of losing something. These are not good reasons to do anything. Instead, do things because they bring you, or those around you, joy. Let your work be driven by the joy of doing something creative, valuable, meaningful and not by the will to maintain a certain lifestyle or by the fear of seeing that lifestyle changed.

7-Be happy with what you have and where you are. Not infrequently, we want to be somewhere else, to do something else, with other people, to achieve things that have nothing to do with what we already have. But the truth is that what we have and the moment of life in which we find ourselves is already fantastic! The people with whom we are (including ourselves) are already perfect. What we have, enough. What we are doing is wonderful

8-Forget productivity and numbers. Deep down, that does not matter. If you are exclusively focused on doing things to achieve numbers (certain goals), most certainly you have lost sight of what is really more important. If the goal is to be productive, you will be filling the days just so you can be (or seem) productive and that is a waste of time. Each day is a blessing and should not be choked with chores, with everything and anything else - always look for time to enjoy your day, to enjoy what truly fills your life. Evaluation:



What bride doesn't want to look the best they can ultimately be on their wedding day? You want to be able to look back on your photos in ten year's time and remember that day as one where you felt like a princess, with all eyes on you! 


That's why I've also created three packages that will prepare your skin, and in the case of the Platinum package, your fitness, ready for your big day.

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I am excited at the prospect of working with you

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