Facts sabotages the musculature "Fitness life"!TDamasceno

Sedentary lifestyle

  • Unbalanced diet /Nutrition

  • Cigarette addiction

  • Alcohol abuse

  • Chronic use of medicines

  • Sleepless nights

  • Cocaine

Regular exercise program and food care bring benefits for any age. But in the elderly the advantages multiply, because these attitudes delay the loss of muscle mass.

According to endocrinologist Brazilian Ellen Paiva and nurse Marcelo H. Damasceno studying for doutorado the loss of muscle mass results not only in sagging, but also causes insecurity to walk, falls and even difficulty breathing or coughing, leaving the elderly more likely to develop infections in the airways. "It is essential to have adequate nutrition and to practice physical activities so that it is possible to preserve the musculature in the third age," They say".

However, getting the elderly to feed properly is a challenge. Older patients are the ones who are most resistant to diets, doctors say. In addition to having resistance to changing habits, they suffer from progressive loss of appetite and taste buds, which makes food perceived as "bland" and "tasteless."

That's why they avoid vegetables and vegetables, pinch more and prefer more spicy foods, with lots of salt and sugar, spicy and fried." The solution is to invest in natural spices such as parsley, chives and garlic. Ready-made spices should have no added salt. For dessert, the ideal is to eat fruits or candy made from them

In relation to the exercises, the doctor recommends a minimum frequency of three to four times a week. but when you do think about 7 days a week is NOT a higher score therefore frequency is a crucial and part of healthier life routine

Besides the bodybuilding, the most beneficial modalities are walks, swimming, water aerobics, dance and collective games, I observes, noting that it is important to seek specialist advice. "I wake up early, I walk, and when it comes to eating, I prefer boiled foods with fiber and lean meat," I am what a preach 53.

Capsule supplements should be avoided The best source of vitamins and minerals is food. According to Ellen, vitamin supplements in capsules are ineffective in relation to the prevention of chronic diseases, cancer and aging.

"Many older people need more calcium and vitamin D. When they eat little of these nutrients, they can have bone density affected and are at greater risk of suffering from osteoporosis and fractures," he explains.

The ideal is to use foods rich in protein that are cheeses, such as soufflés and gratin, that use sauces based on milk and cheeses; Ground meats like cooked meatballs and pancakes stuffed with these foods.



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