Avoid the Biggest Eight Mistakes When use Hair straightener

Straightener with dirty hair

The flat kneaded and you just wanted to tidy up the ends? Forget that idea, wash your hair and straighten it all over again. Applying the board to the dirty wires, even if you have washed the day before, leaves the hair looking heavy and oily. "The greasiness of the root spreads over the entire length, leaving the wires glued together,

Dismiss the thermal protectors

Thermoactive products form a kind of protective layer, which isolates the heat wires. "The use of thermal protectors is very important before using a flat iron, the hair is protected against the heat of the board, reducing the risk of damage to the wires,

"Put a small amount of the product in the palm of the hands, spread and apply the whole length of the hair before passing the iron." Do not apply near the root, avoiding excess oiliness.

The use of applying the straightness is enough to leave the hair dry and subject to falling, the ideal is to avoid frequent use, "says the hair stylist Tania Damasceno City Guilds certify London. And does not repeat any of them.

It is very common for women to be the victims of haste and to make some slips in the application of the board, damaging the wires

Keep rubbing your hands in the hair

Many people have habits to run their hands through the locks after applying the flat iron, to make sure that the hair has hit the desired smooth.

"The hands accumulate dirt and oiliness, leaving hair heavy and ending production, So wash your hands well before you start smoothing your hair and avoid passing it on the hair.

Wear a flat iron with wet hair

Passing the board on wet or wet wires is like "frying" the hair - you even hear that frying food noise and see the smoke coming out of the wires. "It destroys the fiber that structures the strands, leaving them dry and burned,

Separate the hair into large locks

You may even be lazy, but separating huge strands of hair to save time ends with the hair and the result of the chap. "You'll need to get the plank done several times to get the hair straightened, which in addition to spending more time will damage your hair, I can affirm separating very large strands can leave the hair misaligned and wrinkled, compromising the production. "The ideal is to separate a wick from the width of a finger and apply the flat iron one at a time.

Forget the straightener in the hair

To make sure that the hair is smooth or to tip the hair, it is common for some people to leave the hair iron in their hair. "The chances of you melting the wick with this practice are great because of the high temperature of the boards." You need to pass the board quickly through the wires, so that the heat does not further damage the hair. "

Using straightener in your hair every day

Experts recommend passing the straightener only on hair washing days - on alternate days or three times a week, for example. "It's also important to give the straightener a rest and use the dryer at least a week in the month because it damages the wires much less, using the iron every day removes the natural moisture from the threads, leaving them dry and damaging the ends.

Not moisturize your hair

Those who have the habit of smoothing hair with a flat iron should hydrate at least once a week. "It helps return the natural moisture of the strands and restore the damage caused by the plaque, bringing back vitality, Tania Damasceno

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