Dry shampoo: find out when and how it should be used in the hair

Since time is precious in our lives -For timeless cases , the solution may be in a tube of dry shampoo, have you heard of it? The spray product, when sprayed on the hair, absorbs all apparent oil, improving the appearance, odor and hygiene of the locks.

Is it possible to replace normal shampoo by dry shampoo?

No, dry shampoo is an emergency measure to improve the appearance of wires on days when time lacks. Tatiana Gabbi explains that dry shampoo does not do an efficient cleaning of the scalp, it only reduces the apparent oiliness.

"The ideal is to use dry shampoo as an aid until the next wash," he says. Failure to properly clean the scalp and wires can cause itching, irritation, seborrheic dermatitis and even the appearance of fungi in the area.

How to apply dry shampoo

Since I had obtain London Certificate in City Guilds Cosmetology in hair that I had learned short jets should be fired in the direction of the root, maintaining a distance of 10 to 15 centimeters. After a few minutes, brush the hair thoroughly or use a towel to remove the white film that forms on the surface. Ideally, the jets should be applied parallel to the scalp, horizontally to the surface, not directly perpendicular to the leather. "In this way dry shampoo is prevented from clogging the pores of the scalp and causing inflammation as a result," And dermatologists approved.

when and how it should be used next

It is not only the oily hair that can use the dry shampoo, the one with mixed hair - with the oily root and the dry tip - you can also find a great ally in the product, which will help balance oiliness along the entire length of the yarn .

Dermatologist explains that there is no contraindication for dry hair and for example. Hairdresser Tania Damasceno, a freelance stylist at London City and abroad says that dry shampoo can be used to straighten the hair, leaving hair more bulky and that, in addition, also leaves the hair slightly fragrant

For those who are prone to allergies

"Those who have a tendency should take a test to see whether or not there is allergy to the components of the product - if so, it is advisable to avoid", says Tatiana Gabbi. To test, apply the product on a piece of skin, behind the wrist, for example, and wait for a period of 24 hours. "Another possibility is to use caution and, in the face of the allergy, interrupt the use."

For those who have dandruff or scalp injuries

Dry shampoo is not recommended for anyone with dandruff or scalp injuries. "It is not interesting to use if the scalp skin is not healthy to avoid irritations and allergies, especially when there is active scaling of the scalp," explains Dermatologist Tatiana Gabbi. Dry shampoo may further enhance the problem as it is necessary to towel-wipe the whitish particles from the product and, if used in the wrong way, can clog the pores and cause scalp problems.

Shampoo or talc Powder?

According to the dermatologist Tatiana Gabbi, both products have the same function, however the shampoo, unlike the talc, does not agglutinate, leaves less residue and is less likely to generate allergies. Dermatologist Mônica Aribi, a member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology, explains that the chances of talc clogging the pores are much higher, and may even cause hair loss. "In addition, the composition of dry shampoo is less aggressive and generates fewer reactions on the scalp," explains Mônica Arib.

Dermatologist Tatiana Gabbi, a member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology, explains that the product contains aluminum starch octenylsuccinate, a substance that has the ability to absorb hair fat. But before investing in cosmetics, take the time to figure out how to use it properly. We tell what it is for,

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