The right make-up remover for your skin type

Leaving your face clean and without makeup before bedtime is mandatory!Step by step for all skin colors

Leftover beauty products on the skin clog the pores and may for example worsen acne.

There is even risk of dermatitis. That goes for lashes too.

When we do not remove the mask, shade and other products before bed, the eyelashes can stiffen, favoring the fall.

The right product for your skin Creams: remove the makeup and moisturize at the same time. They are most suitable for normal or dry skin.

Liquids: are ideal for oily and / or acnes skin. Biphasic:

mixture of oil and water based de-balancing agents and are indicated for the eye region.

Handkerchiefs: Despite the practicality, they do not totally remove the waterproof makeup.

Step by step for all skin colors

When you remove the makeup, the ideal is to start with the eyes, followed by the rest of the face.

Use a cotton to remove the makeup.

Then wash your face with a soap specific for your skin type and moisturize with the cream of your choice. Do not even think about improvising.

The makeup cleanser are hypoallergenic, have specific additives for different types of skin and neutral cleaning substances. Since they do not have soap in their formula, these products clean without drying, some of which contain calming or moisturizing substances.

Therefore, avoid removing the makeup with almond oil or moist wipes, for example. Some improvisations very used, and that should be avoided:

Do not even think about improvising.

1-Soaps: Most of them can dry out the skin. After using the make-up remover, prefer products that have moisturizers in your formula.

2-Moist wipes: Not suitable for facial skin and may even cause irritation.

3-Almond oils or baby-specific products: do not clean or remove water-soluble makeup. May cause blackheads and pimples.

4-Children's Shampoos: Do not remove makeup residue properly.

Moist wipes: Not suitable for facial skin and may even cause irritation.



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