Colorful Hair : Care Tips For Color Does Not Come Out

Colored hair is on the rise trends. Check out our tips for coloring and after care keeping the colors in the hair.

The variety of colors and possible effects for the hair is enormous and everything will depend on the desired result. And with each passing day increases the number of women who want to innovate and change the hair color to one of the so-called fancy colors.

Colorful hair: colors and styles to choose Red, purple, pink, blue, gray, yellow ... are some of the most sought after colors when it comes to changing your look and dare. And be a more timid change as just coloring the wicks or more radical how to totally color the hair (and even effects like rainbow and peacock hair), when done with taste and following some care, they have everything to leave you Beautiful and daring

Before Coloring Your Hair Painting the threads with a fancy paint and applying effects is not a common painting procedure as many of us do at home. Before applying a fancy color, it is necessary to have a clear base. With this, blondes take advantage when it comes to applying most colors. Those who have darker hair, in most cases need to discolor their hairs sooner. Some shades like blues need a platinum base so the result is satisfactory. Other colors like pink and yellow do not need the hair to be so clear, but still discoloration may be necessary.

This type of ink fades more easily and regular retouching is required. But the good thing is that there are already specific products to help maintain the colors for a longer time. And if you want to keep the color and the good looks of the threads, some care is very important.

Colored hair: tips and care The vast majority of the "fantasy inks" formulas available act as a type of toner in the wires. They do not contain ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, which in conventional inks serve to open the scales of the hair and "reveal" the color. And it is for this reason that the fancy colors fade faster, after all the fixation does not occur in the best way.

  1. Depending on the technique used, it may be necessary to retouch the color once or twice a month. Check out some tips to keep hair color and look good for longer:

  2. Wash your hair less often, so the dye pigment will take longer to come out. If you are used to washing your hair every day, try to wash them two or three times a week. Hot water ever! It is no secret that very hot water is not good for the hair and the scalp.

  3. Hot water no way, but if you can wash your hair in warm to cold water, the better. Cold water helps seal the cuticles of the hair, helping to maintain color for longer. Use specific products for colored hair to avoid oxidation of pigments and fading of tincture.

  4. Shampoos, moisturizers, conditioners ... in cosmetic stores there are several specific products for those with colored hair. When in doubt, ask for an appointment with your hairdresser. And no generic shampoos or deep cleansing, such as anti-dandruff and anti-waste. Usually they have substances that make the cuticles of the threads open and the color fades. Hydration and restoration at least once a week. Yes, the tip is also true for colored hair. I would say especially!

  5. The good thing is that hydration can be done at home with a good moisturizing mask. This ensures your hair is always beautiful.

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