Healthy Breakfast - What to Eat in the Morning? (Menu) Options for a Healthy Breakfast

The breakfast should only be taken from half an hour to an hour after the morning drink, with the following observations:

Those who do sedentary work at least once or twice a week should not have breakfast, but only the morning drink (Choose a day of mild activity) to help maintain the balance between ingestion, production and elimination of toxins. After a few hours, if there is hunger, eat fruit or drink natural juice. Anyone who does manual labor should choose a day of little or no activity and stop breakfast by drinking only the morning drink.

A healthy breakfast will vary from person to person.

Diet is the sustaining health ballast. Breakfast is the basis of this ballast. It is said to be a "strong" meal. Undeniably,

I need to be nourishing. Even more necessary, however, is that it be well assimilated. The suggestions we give in a row will provide you with a pretty healthy brunch. As tastes and customs are varied, we present several options.

WARNING: Before starting a diet, seek medical advice.

A Healthy Breakfast may not be as healthy for you if you have an allergies or illnesses like diabetes or high cholesterol.

Try my examples and have the heathy and body you wishes for........

Breakfast - Example 1

Curd (about a glass) with fruit. You can use fruits such as apple, pear, peach, plum and banana (apple banana is best and it is advisable not to mix more than two or three fruits). In that case, do not use bread. Everyone should use this breakfast at least twice a week. And ideal for sedentary workers and students, who can adopt it regularly, two, three or four times a week).

Breakfast - Example 2

Same as above, with a few slices of well-baked or roasted wholemeal bread.

People with little more intense activity can adopt this breakfast regularly. If the activity is exceptionally intense (very heavy work, with great energy expenditure), one should add honey.

Breakfast - Example 3

Same as option 1, which also adds bread or whole grams, and also some almonds, sunflower seeds, walnuts, Brazil nuts, or cashew nuts. This breakfast is indicated for people of manual activity or in regimens for fattening. Also, it is preferable in winter given the higher fat and calorie content.

Breakfast - Example 4

Fruits with toast (or brown bread), without curd. As frequent and excessive consumption of dairy products is contraindicated because of its mutagenic action (produces mucus), it is good to vary breakfast, adopting this simple option a few times in the week. In winter you can add some oilseeds. Even in the hottest seasons one can eventually use 7 or 8 almonds for nutritional supplementation. Active people and manual workers can add pure honey.

Breakfast - Example 5

ame as before, with the addition of a little cottage cheese or fresh cheese in your Healthy Breakfast, which can be spent on bread. Since curd is also derived from milk and therefore mucogenic, this option should replace those from number 1 to 3 (replace the curd) and not be used more than two or three times a week. You can use a larger amount of cottage cheese in cold climates. We do not recommend mixing honey or oilseeds with cottage cheese. It is passable, however, to sporadically add some nuts or almonds.

Breakfast - Example 6

A great example of Healthy Breakfast is Fruit with cereal porridge (prepared with water and fresh or dried fruits or skim milk). Buckwheat, oats, cornmeal, barley, or brown rice potatoes may be used. In a situation of higher energy expenditure (children and manual workers) you can add honey. Sporadically, you can take some curd or use some almonds. The use of supplements, such as honey and almonds,

will always obey three factors:

Breakfast - Example 7

This is actually a set of options that will vary depending on the taste and creativity of each, as long as you observe the basic rules of good nutrition. For example, fruits or fruit juice may be used.

Preferring the juice, for good chewing effect, it should be used separately. It is best not to sweeten it. As for fruits, do not use the acidic or hyper hydric together with cereals (orange, pineapple, watermelon and melon do not combine with cereals, according to the naturist principle of food). As a gastronomic variation, there are numerous possibilities that can be used sporadically: pies and sweets naturistas, cremes to pass on bread.

The general rule for this option is that more elaborate preparations (such as sweets, pies and creams), whose digestion is also more laborious, should not be used liberally. As it is a special and tasty dish, we easily fall into the temptation to ingest excess, which will certainly for digestion a disaster for people slight over eight

Breakfast - Example 8

Using only one quality of fruit or fruit juice, or still being alone with the morning drink or coconut water helps to keep the body in optimum working conditions.

As examples of fruits that can be ingested without accompaniment of other foods, we mention: plum, orange, pineapple, melon, watermelon, grape, fig, mango.

Choose a day where the activity level is not intense. If you do it on a day of strenuous work, or long walks, you will surely feel bad. The frequency of this option will depend on each situation. Normally, once or twice a week is enough.

Obese in sedentary activities and people very intoxicated by the modern diet system may adopt it in their Healthy Breakfast more often.



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