It is in ancient Egypt that we will find the first testimonies of the use of cosmetics.

The pharaohs had colored wigs of social distinction and regarded the make-up of the eyes as a fundamental point to avoid looking directly at Ra, the sun-god.

The blends of heavy metals gave the greenish tint to impregnate and protect the eyelids of the nobles. It is also with the Egyptian civilization that the distinction emerges: "Woman with light skin" and "Man with dark skin".

Cleopatra well represented the ideal of beauty of those times. Charismatic and powerful, Cleopatra immortalized her treatment by bathing in milk, covering her cheeks with clay and makeup 'her eyes with khol powder.

For events, parties a fantasy that always succeeds in carnival is that of Cleopatra: there is always one in the block of street. In the "Dark House" video, singer Kate Perry was also inspired by the Queen of the Nile. The makeup she wears is very elaborate, as it blends precise lines of black eyeliner with different shades in shades of blue and yellow, but can give a refined touch to the production of the revelry. Follow the visual tutorial by StyleTDamasceno



Use shimmering light blue shadow below the eyebrow.


Apply blue-green shade with metallic finish on the movable eyelid and a little above the concave.


In the concave and in the outer corner, paint the dark blue shadow.


Be generous in the golden shadow at the inner corner of the eyes. Then put some golden glitter.


Apply black eyeliner close to upper lashes, toward eyebrow. Also make a nozzle in the inner corner. To the lower eyelashes, use white pencil until it meets the black eyeliner, from above.


Apply the gel eyeliner in the water line and leave it well marked close to the lower lashes. Then make another pull on the outside corner. In the upper outline, make a half stroke with the concave dowel. Then make a fine line with gold glitter eyeliner below the black dash.

7- DesIgn your own craft or get inspirations

Below the left eye, make a fine line with black eyeliner. Use concealer to correct the drawing and leave it straight.



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