Natural ingredients to make hair shiny!

How to Make Your Hair Shiny from physical and natural recipes

Blog natural ingredients to make hair shiny

By practicing physical exercises

The body releases hormones such as endorphin and adrenaline that, in addition to improving mood, make the body work much better. Thus, the glands responsible for hair nutrition and health work in perfect harmony. It's worth it, is not it?

PRACTISE YOGA Tai Chi Chuan or just meditate!

Practices like these help you stay calmer and also balance the functioning of the body. The brightness of the strands is a reflection of your healthy body, explains the dermatologist professionals. .

BYE bye Stress

You know that colleague who annoys you? Avoid being around her! Not a joke: small problems cause an overload of cortisol, the stress hormone, which affects the immune system and the functioning of the glands responsible for leaving hair healthy.


Any haircut has an "expiration time", which remains beautiful without losing the shape. Many women believe that large amounts of time between styling causes hair to grow faster, but they do not remember the health of the hair in the process. Dry, doubled tips and the porosity of strands that have undergone chemistry become more evident with the passage of time and can disrupt the luminosity of the hair. To keep the threads sparkling, in addition to treating, trim at least every three weeks, to maintain the style.


Choosing the right temperature during the bath can brighten the wires. A warm shower opens the cuticles, steals the hydration and leaves the hair rough, cold water, closes the scales, keeping the surface of the capillary fiber smoother and with space to reflect the light. For those who can not put aside a bath with high temperature, the suggestion is to leave one last shower cold for the end, which in addition to giving shine, "wake" the muscles.

As in almost anything,FOOD!

Food is the key to healthy, shiny hair! Bet on foods high in protein, such as cheeses, eggs and meats, as they strengthen the yarn. Foods rich in vitamin C and vitamin E are also essential because they act as antioxidants, fight free radicals and help in the formation of a new yarn.

Give preference to foods that help shine and moisturize hair The solution to keep hair beautiful and shiny can be in your daily diet. therefore nutritionists recommend betting on four powerful nutrients:

Magnesium: is essential in the formation of proteins such as keratin, which forms the wires.

It is present in seafood, avocado, melon, pineapple, carambola and walnuts. Calcium: lack of it causes fine, brittle hair.

Milk and dairy products, tofu, salmon and sardines should be part of the diet.

Potassium: maintains flexibility and hydration of hair. It is found in lean meats, banana, cucumber, grape, almond and sunflower seed.

Zinc: gives strength to the threads. Present in meat, mushroom, egg, oyster and wheat germ.

I separate 3 natural ingredients to make your hair shiny, soft and moisturized!


Apple vinegar

After washing the hair as usual, turn off the shower, apply a mixture of equal amounts of cold water and apple cider vinegar to the root and length, let it act for a few minutes, and then rinse with cold water. Do not worry because the smell of vinegar will not stay in your hair. Do this whenever you wash your hair, they will look a lot brighter!


Ideally, it should be a non-alcoholic beer so you do not have to take it to the fire. It may be black or yellow beer, those with light hair should prefer yellow. After washing your hair as usual, turn off the shower and apply the beer by massaging the scalp and then taking it for the full length, wait a few minutes and rinse with water. The result is an intense glow!

Linseed oil

With clean, dry hair, no silicone residue or other petroleum products, warm a little flaxseed oil with your hands and massage the scalp in a circular motion ,then pull the oil down the length of your hair. You can sleep with oil and the next day just wash as usual, preferably the last rinse should be done with cold water to have even more shine!

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