Lemon tea, ginger and honey: far beyond the flu and colds

Likes to take tea from honey, lemon and ginger to recover faster from colds and flu. Some people still like to add sliced ​​garlic to the preparation. A smaller number of people, more cautious, regularly drink this infusion to prevent not only colds and flu, but a host of other illnesses, aware that ginger tea, honey and lemon strengthens the body's defenses, having the potential to protect Our health from almost every kind of infection. But this miracle drink, cheap and easy to make still holds other secrets and benefits. I wonder what they are? So stay with us and know the benefits of this tea, which goes well beyond the cure for the flu.

1. Helps the body fight against pollution

The polluted air we breathe in the big cities, sometimes even inside our homes, constantly weigh heavily on our health. In an attempt to purify our body of the toxins from the harmful gases we inhale, our immune system ends up paying a heavy price. Thus, all foods that detoxify the body, such as lemon, honey and ginger, help the immune system cope with the effects of pollution.

The same goes for the effects of stress, including emotional. This drink is a natural tonic without contraindications.

2. It helps us to wake up

Highly stimulating, ginger has a spicy flavor capable of sending you to sleep on Monday morning though. Try changing the habit of drinking your cup of coffee (slowly, naturally) for a mug of honey, lemon and ginger tea, and you'll notice how your body will react better and feel full of gas. Of course, you need to have a balanced diet and adequate rest for energy on a daily basis, but ginger has a great ability to wake us up, while not addictive, like caffeine and other stimulants.

3. Protects vascular health

Like all detoxifying foods that stimulate blood circulation, honey, ginger and lemon tea will protect your veins from the accumulation of fat plaques naturally. Combine this tea with reduced consumption of fried foods and saturated fats - such as fry chicken, pastries and crisps - and a daily walk of 20 minutes to protect your heart for a lifetime.

4. It tastes exoticly delicious!

The intensely sour and spicy taste of ginger, the familiar acidity of the lemon and the sweetness of redemption of the honey produce an infusion of exotic flavor and oriental touch. This tea can be served pure or with a light sandwich, made with ricotta, green leaves and turkey breast, for a tasty and low calorie snack.

5. Helps to lose weight

Ginger Although the acidity of this tea does not make it suitable for fasting, nor for people with a tendency to gastritis, it fights excess hunger and prevents us from eating unnecessary calories.

Try to drink a cup of lemon and ginger tea (if possible, remove or reduce the honey because it is caloric) about 30 minutes before lunch and dinner, to control the appetite.

Ginger, lemon and honey tea recipe Ingredients

½ liter of water

Two inches of peeled and sliced ​​ginger root

1 Sicilian lemon

1 tablespoon honey

How to make: - Take the water to the fire.

When it boils, add the ginger slices, turn off the heat, cover and wait 20 minutes. - In a teapot or glass bottle, put the honey and lemon juice. Add the ginger tea and drink hot or Warm.



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