How to make cut crease MAKEUP!

Have you heard of cut crease but do not know what it means? Cut crease is a makeup technique that, as the name implies, aims to mark the concave, that fold of the eyes.

Unlike the blurred makes, the cut crease enhances the crease of the eye, leaving that trait well marked.

This technique is nothing new, it emerged in the 60's and has now returned in strength marking a strong trend. If you are looking for a more dramatic make and want to give more depth to the look, then this technique is ideal for you. Continue reading that next in a How we show you how to make cut crease.

Instructions: 1

To make your cut crease, you should start by applying a primer. The primer of eyes will help your make to last longer, to better fix the shadows and to make them more alive. This step is essential since it is a party make and you will want to stay wonderful all night long.

It is important to note that when we speak of "marking the concave", it is not the same thing as making crease. The cut crease technique is intended to leave a much more defined trait, having that division at the end of the movable eyelid, although the upper edges may disappear.

This eye make is ideal for use in party settings such as weddings or evenings

  • First it is necessary to locate the concave of your eye and mark it, then, with a precise brush - small with a thinner tip, it can be the bevelled one - or a pencil for eyes,

  • Contour the concave with the desired color, it is more indicated that it is a stronger color,

  • Then apply a lighter shade on the movable eyelid and work the concave, slightly blurring the marking edges (without removing it) or leaving the division well marked, according to your taste.

Locate the concave of your eye (that fold at the end of the movable eyelid) and mark it.

Mark it with a color to your liking, ideally a dark color, black and brown are usually the most used colors and use an eye pencil or a fine-tipped brush, one that is very precise. By doing this stroke you can do it according to your preference.

You can bring it further back or up to the movable eyelid (as in the picture), creating a pout in the outer corner of the eye.

If you want a very dramatic look bet on false eyelashes.

Finalize your look with a nude lipstick, as the highlight of this make is the eyes and apply blush.

See how easy it is to make cut crease!



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