How to Care for Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a tool of style and beauty of amazing, but to keep them always beautiful is necessary to provide them with essential care. For this reason, today we share with you some tips on how to treat your extensions to keep them shiny and without knots or tangles.

There are two types of extensions, the natural hair and the artificial hair extensions.

The difference between the two is quite noticeable, just as their costs, the real hair are very expensive and the others considerably more

Artificial hair extensions need a lot more care than others to look good longer and not too noticeable. In this case, it is much better to wear the ones that come as a curtain and are attached to the hair with small buckles, this way you can take them off to sleep and take a shower.

How to wash hair with extensions

In extensions a special product should be used, not any shampoo, so you should consult a stylist. The hair should be moistened little by little and not allow the water to flow under pressure on the hair strand, because it can entangle it. Then the brushing has to be very gentle not to pull the hair out.

How to comb and what precautions to take care.

The biggest enemy of hair extensions is the heat. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid dryers and it is advisable to dry it naturally as much as possible in order to ensure a longer service life.

Wash your hair with a neutral shampoo and warm water and use a proper conditioner, it is important to leave your hair outdoors. You can use the hair on horsetails, braids or cokes with tranquility.

As for the hairstyle you should make a reservation about the extensions that are made from real hair and those that are made from synthetic hair.

The actual hair extensions allow the use of any hairdressing tool, always in moderation and care. However, we should pay more attention to synthetic hair extensions, these can not be heat treated, brushing should be done with soft bristle brushes and the hairstyle has to be very smooth, from the ends towards the top of the head .

The colorations, permanent, straightening and extensions When having hair extensions it is best to keep away from chemical processes such as straighteners, permanent and colorations, unless their extensions are removable.

Coloring should always be done by a stylist to be able to give the wick uniformity in tone.

How to sleep with the extensions of Hair?

Always make sure your hair is completely dry before going to bed. This is important to avoid tangles in the hair extensions, and it is advisable to tie the hair before bed rather than sleep with the hair loose.

How to swim with extensions of Hair?

There are no drawbacks when and when to put in your hair the proper products to protect it, such as anti-chlorine, sunscreen for hair, etc. Once you get out of the pool or the sea gently brush the hair to untangle and wash the hair to remove the chemicals or salt that have been left.



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