Facial treatment with ice for skin rejuvenation

Therapies or treatments to rejuvenate the skin are always sought after by those who like to take care of your body. There are many natural treatments that have been effectively used since ancient times for these goals, and that on account of its effectiveness, are still in use today.

The oriental women are known for their rituals of beauty to take care of the skin, which is known worldwide as one of the most well cared for and smooth. They use, for example, masks of beauty of rice that give the skin a smooth and rejuvenated. The facial treatment with ice is another common practice in skin-care routine of women of the east. So, having ice on his face became a popular ritual of morning and evening for a skin more rejuvenated.The facial treatment with ice is another common practice in skin-care routine of women of the east. So, having ice on his face became a popular ritual of morning and evening for a skin more rejuvenated. The treatments with cold for skin care are used ​​em spas and are often called cryotherapy.

1 - Ice helps to prefix the makeup: The human skin is made up of millions of pores, which can hinder the hour of makeup. If you do not have a primer to be used prior to the base, the concealer and powder, the ice is your best friend. With some gravel wrapped in a clean cloth and cloth, you have a compress for use on the face. Press lightly, without rubbing. This closes the pores and allow the makeup is more "professional".

What is the facial benefit treatment with ice?

- Help treat acne and blemishes on the face

- improves blood circulation and helps in the rejuvenation of the skin

- improves the appearance of the face

- Delays the appearance of wrinkles

1 - Closes the pores of

The treatment of skin by applying ice is great for rejuvenating the skin and ideal to apply before makeup tips. The open pores in the mirrors are minimized, leaving the base with looks more smooth and flawless. Pass the ice on the face, and then apply a lotion to cover the pores.

2 - Reduces wrinkles.

You can help reduce wrinkles and delay the emergence of new.

3 - Controls skin imperfections

The ice can help reduce swelling and redness of the pimples and also serves to relieve the irritated skin. You can use ice cubes when he realizes that a backbone is appearing on his face, since it helps to reduce inflammation. This helps reduce the size and number of spots. You can keep the ice on the acne for few seconds or until the area becomes a little numb.

The great advantage of putting ice on the skin prone to acne, is that it helps the topical antibiotics and antibacterial agents to introduce better on the skin.

4 - Improves circulation

It is believed that the use of ice can improve circulation to the skin. The blood vessels contract with the cold causing less blood reaches the surface of the skin and this reduces any inflammation or swelling. The body responds gradually through the submission of an increase of blood flow to these areas.

5 - Desi flame Puffy Eyes

The ice reduces the swelling and inflammation in the eyes.

6 - Increases the efficiency of other treatments for skin

The topics creams are able to penetrate more easily into the skin because its surface becomes more permeable through the application of ice, this is because the cold helps reduce the pores clogged.

How to make the facial treatment with ice

1 - The treatment can be done in the morning and/or night.

2 - It starts as an important step which is doing a thorough cleaning of the face.

3 - Wrap the ice in a soft cotton cloth, you can use one or two cubes.

4 - The application of this treatment must be done when the ice begins to melt and wet the cloth.

5 - Keep the cloth in different areas of the face of one to two minutes.

6 - It is recommended to move the ice cube gently in a circular motion along the area of the jaw, chin, forehead, cheeks and nose, eyes be more cautious.

7 - Complete this treatment with a facial tonic that is accustomed to use or a special treatment against acne


Do not apply ice on the skin straight from the fridge without cover with a cloth. The

extreme cold can damage the skin. - If the cold becomes very uncomfortable you should stop treatment. Avoid doing so for more than 15 minutes. –

To increase the additional benefits to rejuvenate the skin, you can make ice cubes with lemon, rosewater, green tea, cucumber, tea of chamomile, and other ingredients depending on your needs and specific care for the skin.

But you must be careful not to let the ice cube too long on the skin,


2 - Sweet sugar scrub for a smooth skin: to remove the impurities accumulated on the skin and also dead skin cells, nothing better than a good exfoliation. When you don't have the right cream, however, there is no need to spend fortunes in a doctor's office of aesthetics. Simply mix a little honey and sugar, creating a mask exfoliate inexpensive and simple. The revenue should be applied on the face, massaging then.

3 - Chamomile releases down swallowed face and eyes circles puffiness: when we sleep badly or spend several days working or studying in addition to the account, it is normal that our skin in the report. To relieve the redness and reduce the swelling of the face, try tea of chamomile. Simply prepare the tea normally and put it in the fridge for a night. The next morning, dampen a cotton in tea and pass on the face, especially in the areas swollen, as eyes bags, for example.

4 - Papaya and honey to moisturize: it is possible to moisturize the skin without the need for industrialized creams. A good recipe is to knead a piece of papaya and mix it with a little honey. The mask should be applied on the face and left for a few minutes, so you can act. Then just wash your face with water.

5 - Water for a beautiful skin: a spray of mineral water or coconut water can be used on the face to help keep the skin with a good appearance. Another good tip is to immerse the face in ice water to help hide dark circles, inflammation and swelling.



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