Before beginning, it leaves everything what you need separated, so, so that the eyelash is quite placed, calm and patience is necessary. Precise you of a quality glue (I adore the Duo), eyelashes of the size of his eyes and a tweezers. To be easier, you also can cut the eyelash in three. In this form, stay much more to do the application, but for the one who has difficulty in gluing it in the certain format, it can be a good alternative.


The one who has the natural eyelashes more straight must use the eyelashes modulator before gluing the false ones. So, the false ones mingles better with the native and the result is much more harmonious! If you are going to glue black eyelashes, but his natives are clearer ad on with the mascara and bleeding the eyelashes.


A very common mistake is to pass enough glue in the eyelashes, thinking that in this form they are going to be fixed for more time. However, that only does so that the time of drying of the glue is bigger. The ideal is to pass little glue and to press enough the eyelashes in the eyelids. The contact of the glue is more important than the quantity. Another hint is to pass the glue in the eyelashes and to wait what she begins to dry and to be 'stickier', to only then position the false eyelashes.


Many people have difficulty in gluing the eyelashes at the certain place because it tries to do that in an almost shut eye, being that that only can work (and even so it is more difficult) when we are making up other persons. In the hour of gluing false eyelashes in you, try to keep the eye as open as possible. It is a much easier necklace the false ones of this way, respecting the natural drawing of his eyelid. If you have difficulty to see with the hand so near of the eyes, use a tweezers or an own applicator for eyelashes to fix them at the correct place with more precision.

Make up

In the beginning it is normal that the glue appears a little. At last, it takes time to have practical the sufficient thing to glue the eyelashes at the certain place of first one. A hint so that that is not so visible is to disperse the line of the natural eyelashes with a little of dark shadow or even black eyebrow pencil and eyeliner. So, the result is quite natural and the glue almost does not appear



What bride doesn't want to look the best they can ultimately be on their wedding day? You want to be able to look back on your photos in ten year's time and remember that day as one where you felt like a princess, with all eyes on you! 


That's why I've also created three packages that will prepare your skin, and in the case of the Platinum package, your fitness, ready for your big day.

Truly dedicated to helping you reach your goal in time for your big day,


I am excited at the prospect of working with you

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