1. For the dark rings under eyes: sleep well, use creams to ease the stains, do compresses of tea of camomile for ten minutes and do small massages to irrigate the place. A good punishment helps to pretend.

2. Do not overload oily skin with very solid creams, since these expand the pores and make easy appearance of carnations.

3. Try to ingest at least two litres of water daily, to hydrate the organism. Like consequence, his skin will be prettier.

4. When you to feel the tired skin of the face and without brilliance, do a tea with three leaves of sálvia or mallow. Wash the face and next rinse with cold water. You are going to feel the most fresh and relaxed skin.

5. Lymphatic facial drainage is a type of massage that promises to improve the swallow of the face and of the dark rings under eyes, to reduce the wrinkles and to improve the aspect from the skin.

6. Always withdraw the make-up before sleeping.

7. Before passing a facial mask, use moisturizer not to dry up very much the skin.

8. Use protector to go flat daily, even what it is not going to expose straight in the sun.

9. Once weekly, do an exfoliation in the skin to withdraw the dead cells.

10. To wash the face, use neuter special toilet soaps for the face.

11. Use moisturizers special for the area of the eyes, this region is very sensitive and it deserves a special care.

12. Be loyal to the daily cleaning in the face before sleeping, so his skin will be going to breathe better. Besides, the nutritious ones of the cream-colored moisturizers penetrate better the skin

13. Mask for skin with bones. Ingredients: 1 pack of salsinha, 2 spoons of extract of rosemary and 1 gauze. Educations: Crush well the salsinha and add the extract. Wall light this mixture on top of the gauze. Next, clean the face and cover it with the gauze, leaving to act for 30 minutes. Move the residues from the skin with water and appropriate toilet soap. The mask can be applied once weekly.

14. Exfoliation in the face. Ingredients: 2 tablespoons of oat, 2 tablespoons of honey and 1 gauze. Educations: Wash the face with quiet person and use a neuter toilet soap. Moisten the oat in the cold water and with the gauze spread it for the face in circular movements. Next, rinse the face with frozen water and strain the honey, leaving for 15 minutes. Wash again the face with frozen water and pass, next, a cream-colored moisturizer. The exfoliation can be done weekly.



What bride doesn't want to look the best they can ultimately be on their wedding day? You want to be able to look back on your photos in ten year's time and remember that day as one where you felt like a princess, with all eyes on you! 


That's why I've also created three packages that will prepare your skin, and in the case of the Platinum package, your fitness, ready for your big day.

Truly dedicated to helping you reach your goal in time for your big day,


I am excited at the prospect of working with you

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