The Booking Process Frequently  Asked   Questions




The Initial Consultation – This is free visiting my location London City  and is the opportunity to meet and to discuss ideas and any special requirements you may have for your hair and makeup, usually 8 – 10 months in advance.



Trial – This is when you try your chosen style and make up look complete with any accessories you wish to use on the day of the wedding. Please allow 2.5 to 3 hours for this to take place though in most cases I have managed to create the desired look and style in much less time. Usually, the trial is only necessary for the bride but if additional members of the party would like to have their trial then the cost is as follows:

  • I would say the sooner you can have one the better as then your wedding date can be confirmed and secured.








Pre Wedding catch-up – A week or two prior to the wedding day we will either meet up or liaise over the phone to work out the timings for arrival on the day of the wedding and to also sort out any details relating to bridesmaids and additional members of the party.



The Wedding Day – I will arrive at your chosen venue at the time agreed to have you and your bridal party ready. Sometimes I travel with an assistant but this is not always the case and does depend on the size of the booking, just an example I can have around 5 people ready in makeup and styled in under 5hrs! So all you need to do is relax and enjoy the special day.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Do I have to have a trial, I live out of state and may not be able to come in for a trial?

A. No you do not have to have a trial, but it can ensure everything runs smoothly on your wedding day.

To ensure your expectations example: you may need clip-in extensions to achieve the fullness you want in your undo for your day this is something we would need to address in the trial.

To minimize time of service without rushes

Also, you will have to get your marriage license on a weekday so it may be best to schedule the trial on the same day.



Q. I have a year until I get married is it too early to book?

A. Of course not as most popular make up artists and hairstylists get booked up a year in advance so I would recommend making the first contact as soon as you have decided upon a date and venue so not to be disappointed.


Q. Can I make a booking and then decide on a trial date?

A. Yes certainly especially if you’re getting married on a popular date for example on a bank holiday then yes as that is the only way to secure your date is by paying a (non-refundable) deposit. You can then decide on a mutually convenient trial date.


Q. When is the right time for a trial and what if I don’t have my veil and tiara?

A. there is really no need to worry if you don’t have your accessories as at the time of the trial I suggested you decide on the style and try a couple in your favorite shops take pictures. so we can discuss on the trial day, up to 8 months in advance and then follow up with a second consultation nearer the wedding day.



Q. Once I have had a trial how do I book you?                                                                                                           A. If at the time of the trial you wish to book then a booking fee/deposit will be required this makes up the total cost on the day of the wedding. Please note that wedding day deposits are non-refundable and for peak season weddings (May – Nov) you may be required to pay up to 60% of the total cost as your deposit.


Q. How long does it take to make up bridesmaids?

A. usually 35 mins one service is enough time for hair and makeup +/-  5 mins.


Q. Where does the trial take place?

A. At an address of your choice or you can come to me.



Q.Do I need to bring anything to the trial? Can my mum and friends come to the trial with me?                A. I understand that getting a second opinion is important so yes mum can come to the trial or a friend but I limit the numbers to a maximum of two people but you can take photographs and show your friends. Any pictures/photos where you like the look of the makeup would be helpful. I have a wide range of makeup but if you see a particular product you would like to try, please feel free to bring it along. Also, if possible, pictures and a colour swatch of the wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses may be useful


 Q. On the day of the wedding how long do you stay?                                                                                             A.I ensure that everyone is ready and then I leave.  If you wish for me to stay for any length of time an additional cost is incurred.


Q. What makeup do you use?

A. I use everything from MAC, Bobbi Brown, Est lauder Minerals to  Max Factor, Rimmel,  Tartelette, Nuskin,Nars, Illamasq, the list is endless but rest assured it has all been tried and tested and I only use cosmetics on my clients that I would feel happy using myself. HIGHLY suggest for you to bring the lipstick you want to wear on your big day. 


Q. Do you supply all cosmetics and lashes?                                                                                                              A.Yes I provide everything inc lashes for the bride if bridesmaids require false lashes they should purchase these themselves and inform me of any allergies to the adhesive.


Q: What are the Benefits to Airbrush Foundation? Is it Heavy or Cakey? 
A: Our premiere S/B Makeup is the highest quality silicone-based foundation on the market. Designed for airbrush application, S/B's bendable formula can also be applied by fingertips, brush, or sponge. The natural properties of silicone impart a soft-focus effect that radiates a healthy and youthful glow on any skin type. Naturally lightweight and flawless, our S/B foundation mimics skin texture for a beautiful finish. Using only a few drops it delivers flawless sheer to opaque coverage, less makeup on your face! All this means no cakey feeling! Most clients say the feel like they aren't wearing anything at all! A true long-lasting formula which holds up through hours of activity yet removes easily with traditional makeup remover. Lastly unlike traditional makeup the S/B formula absorbs and only slightly reflects light making the face look even more perfected in photos, yes even with flash photography! 

                                                                                                                                                                                            Q. How many stylists will be at my wedding?
A: This is all dependent on how many services you have.  For example, Style T Damasceno Package, I usually do myself but sometimes I schedule approximately 1- 2 stylists to have you and your bridal party completed within a 4-5 hour timeline.


Q. Do you do tattoo cover up and how much do you charge for that?                                                             A. Yes by consultation with additional costs. The cost will vary per square inch and color of the tattoo. Color tattoos require more time and product as the colors must first be neutralized to achieve a successful coverage. This process and the quality of product are used to give your photos and videos the illusion of flawless, never tattooed skin. We use professional products on you which are also the same we provide for actors and actresses in film, TV or print to create the same effect. For an accurate quote on tattoo coverage, we need to see the intricacy of the tattoo, its size and its color, in person. If this is not possible, we can assess the tattoo details by your submission of color photos of the tattoo with a ruler showing its size    

                                                                                                                                                                                          Q. Do you offer any discounts? 
A: I will do my best to work with each individual budget. The discounts that offered are in packages.  Once you have 8 or more of the same service, in addition to the bride, (hair or makeup) you will qualify for a 20% off with considerations.We do not offer discounts or sales on our on location services. Occasionally we offer specials for our in studio makeup classes.


Q.Have you worked with black and Asian skin before?

A.Yes, I have experience with all with all skin types and tones and have a wide range of makeup to suit.


Q.I have really bad acne/rosacea/scarring/blemishes on my face and I’m worried you won’t be able to hide them on the day?

A.By using my carefully selected professional products, I can promise you that I can improve the appearance of these conditions by 100%. imperative makeup Trial